Sumatran Sounds is the website for Dr Megan Collins. Ethnomusicologist, composer and broadcaster based in Wellington, New Zealand. Born and raised on the East Coast of New Zealand. Educated at Victoria University, Wellington and I.S.I. Padangpanjang, West Sumatra, Indonesia.  Speaks English and Indonesian. Works predominantly as ethnomusicologist, radio documentary maker and cross-cultural composer. Megan performs regularly in New Zealand and Indonesia. Her current academic interests include hybridity in music, individual agency in culture and performing ethnography.

NEWS – October 2015

‘Vigilance in verse, sumatra sounds’ – Jakarta Post

Indonesian English language daily profiles my work in Sumatra and NZ.

http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/10/02/vigilance-verse-sumatra-sounds.html – by Duncan Graham

Jakarta Post 2/10/2015 Photo Ernalinawati Graham

Jakarta Post 2/10/2015
Photo Ernalinawati Graham

October 2015 – Sumatran contemporary music group Talago Buni –  at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015

Talago Buni at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015

Talago Buni at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015

See also – https://www.uni-muenster.de/Musikhochschule/aktuelles/archiv/talago-buni-10-2015.html

August 2015 – 20 Years of Gamelan in Dunedin

“Sung narratives help reduce disaster risk” Nina Susilo – Kompas.

Indonesian national daily newspaper Kompas reported on Selebrasi 20 Years of Gamelan at Otago University. An honour to travel to Dunedin and deliver the Keynote Address for Joko Susilo and his team. I talked about the prevalence of disaster warnings and messages in the story-lines of Sumatran music. See also Noel Trustram’s multi-media book project ‘Aceh Revives’ and the collaborative project between  Gajah Mada University and GNS science, StiRRRD, on disaster risk reduction in Indonesia.

APRA Awards – Sumatran fiddle and gamelan bali

APRA/AMCOS Silver Scrolls appearance. With Gareth Farr, Johnny Marks and Balinese Gong Kebyar style gamelan group Taniwha Jaya. Megan played Sumatran rabab [fiddle] in the style of the late Pirin Asmara for Gareth’s arrangement of Tami Neilson’s song ‘Walk – back to your arms’. Later in the evening ‘Walk’ earned Tami the Silver Scroll (for top song of the year), which was presented to her by Lorde (Wellington 30 October 2014).

APRA Silver Scrolls Awards at TSB Arena Wellington on 30 October 2014APRA Silver Scrolls Awards at TSB Arena Wellington on 30 October 2014

“In the end, the Silver Scroll went to Tami Neilson, for her blues belter ‘Walk Back to Your Arms’, which also received my favourite cover interpretation on the night, in being performed by a gamelan orchestra with Gareth Farr and the All Seeing Hand’s Johnny Marks, who did part of his vocal as a convincing throat-singer. It really was quite wow.”

Russell Brown – Hard News

“I could hardly believe what I was seeing or hearing, but I knew it was Tami Neilson’s ‘Walk Back To Your Arms’ – a smart slice of honky-tonky retro in a minor key from her great album Dynamite!, released earlier this year – performed by a gamelan orchestra and shaven-headed, tattooed, howling-and-whistling throat-singer Jonny Marks. That was just one of the highlights of the annual APRA Silver Scroll Award, held last week in Wellington.”

Nick Bollinger – Top Ten: October 2014

Listen to our rehearsal process with Johnny earlier in the week, with the team from Radio NZ’s ‘Music 101’.

Recent projects

Winter Wayang Shadow Puppet Show (Wellington June 2014). ‘Tinggal’ [Stay] written for Bali gamelan on Naga – New Music for Gamelan, from Rattle (March 2014). Java gamelan sound effects for the film ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’. Watch our rehearsals, lead by Budi Putra at Victoria University, in Peter Jackson’s production diary #14 from 07.00 (Aug 2013). Sumatran rabab in raun sabilik popular music on the south coast, West Sumatra, Ind. (May/June 2013). Sumatran Tiger Puppets at WOMAD Taranaki NZ (March 2012) with Ki Joko Susilo, 8th generation Indonesian shadow puppet master.


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