Naga – New Music for Gamelan Padhang Moncar & Taniwha Jaya. 2014.


Featuring: ‘Tinggal’ [Stay] for Balinese gamelan [percussion] group Taniwha Jaya. Produced by Jack Body. Recorded by Jason Erskine.

Megan Collins’ taut and cleverly layered Tinggal” – Graham Reid – Elsewhere

sometimes spooky, constantly exhilarating” – Simon Sweetman – Off The Tracks

…remarkably varied…I was captivated by this album and strongly recommend it
– Robert Johnson – The Critics Chair on RNZ  (4 May 2014).

extremely inspiring” – Kim Paterson – NZ Musician

Buy at Rattle . Released 2014


Rafiloza and Friends. 2000.

Rafiloza and friends 3397_normal

Master musician Rafiloza collaborates with Megan on traditional Minangkabau instruments from his homeland of West Sumatra, Indonesia. New compositions with New Zealand composers, based on traditional music are also featured. Listen here to Megan singing ‘Mudiak Suak’ a traditional Minangkabau song from the saluang jo dendang [flute and voice] genre, performed with Rafiloza bin Rafi on saluang bamboo flute. Listen here to Rafiloza singing an excerpt from his kaba [sung narrative] ‘Sutan Palembang’.

Buy from SOUNZ The centre for New Zealand Music.

Label: Portal Music 1003, Auckland NZ. Released 2000


Beat! Selections from the International Festival of Gamelan 1999 Gamelan Padhang Moncar and others


Featuring:  ‘Ratok Nan Tuo‘ [Lament for the elders] a collaboration with Rafiloza bin Rafi for Minangkabau saluang flute, Javanese gambang xylophone, rapai small frame drums and gamelan.

Buy from SOUNZ The centre for New Zealand Music.

Label: Portal CDs Portal 1001/2, Auckland NZ. Released 2000


Tabuh Pacific. Music for Javanese gamelan

Tabuh Pacific

Featuring: ‘Imbal-imbalan’ [interlock-interlock] for Javanese gamelan [percussion] group Padhang Moncar.

Buy from SOUNZ The centre for New Zealand Music.

Label: Ode Records, Auckland NZ. Released 1995.


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