Sumatran Music Links


SANGAR SENI NAN GOMBANG – Nan Gombang Contemporary Music and Dance group – Lead by acclaimed choreographer Danti this  group comes from Painan, West Sumatra. Nan Gombang’s performances blend contemporary music and dance with indigenous martial arts of Minangkabau, Indonesia. Headline International Act at the Wellington Southeast Asian Night Market, April, 2017.


TALAGO BUNI –  is a group of Minangkabau performers from Padang, West Sumatra. Many are lecturers at the Institute of Arts (I.S.I) in Padangpanjang. Led by founding members Edy Utama and Muhammad Halim, the group blends contemporary sounds with traditional music and have toured throughout Indonesia. Read about them at the 2014 Rainforest World Music Festival in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Taligo Buni 2 10866092_926394194040003_1493864801632949211_o


SUARASAMA –  come from Medan, North Sumatra. Lead by the renown Indonesian ethnomusicologists Irwanshya Harahap and Rianthony Hutajulu, Suarasama’s experimental sound blends old and new Sumatran music from their Batak homeland, as well as Malay/Arab, Indian and Western styles.

Their debut album “Dawn above the Clouds – Fajar di Atas Awan” was produced by Radio France Internationale in 1998, then re-released by Drag City in the USA in 2008. It is soon to be re-re-released on the Indonesian label Space Records for the local market.




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